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Topsun International Industrial Limited , is set up in Hong Kong, a set of mining investment, mining and ore trade as one of the mining company, focusing on high quality bauxite production and export sales. Company for its own actual and the market environment, the main investment in the Southeast Asian region, to give full play to the advantages of enterprises, the steady occupation of the regional market, to ensure the steady development of enterprises.

At present, the company have a certain scale and quality of mines, located in the famous high quality bauxite mineral area in Southeast Asia, East Europe, West Africa have multiple reserves have a certain scale and quality of mines, located in the famous high quality mining site ., bauxite reserves are large, good quality, convenient transportation and communication developed is development of bauxite comprehensive development use the first choice of the industrial chain. Surrounding rich in bauxite, transportation is very convenient. The company has signed a cooperation agreement with the local mining companies and mining companies to form joint investment, exploration, exploitation, management and sale of mining cooperative operation mode.

The company has many years of experience in international mineral investment and trade, and the development of Southeast Asia's bauxite mining is very familiar with the local government to establish a good relationship and accumulated rich experience in cooperation with local investors, the company has a large number of high-quality technology and management personnel, with a precision test and detection equipment, from the exploration, mineral processing and production process to strictly monitor the quality of the monitoring system, so as to ensure long-term stability of product quality.

Due to the long-term stability of the company's products and the quality of the company to control the high degree of attention, the company established a good corporate image at home and abroad, at present in foreign countries with a number of strong strength of the mineral company to invest in a long-term stable trade relations.
The company adhering to the "quality, integrity, win-win" business philosophy, sincerely hope that with your company to form long-term, stable relations of cooperation, in the reciprocal benefit on the basis of mutual benefit to achieve a win-win situation, and seek common development of enterprises plan.

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