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Enterprise advantage

Product advantage:
The output of Malaysia's bauxite has soared, increasing exports to China, helping to make up for the gap left by Indonesia's ban on ore exports in January. China will need about 1.3 tonnes of bauxite in order to supply its rapid growth of aluminum, which has to rely on imports of about 36800000 tons, according to the consulting firm CRU. "There is no doubt that China's imports from Malaysia will increase substantially," said, an analyst at CRU in Beijing, which is expected to reach 10000000 tons of bauxite exports to China, which would be a huge increase. Malaysia may prove to be vital to China's industry as a supply of aluminum production companies in China have sought to replace Indonesia's bauxite supply. "China's growing number of alumina refineries are buying bauxite from Malaysia, and they have invested in shipping capacity and infrastructure to get bauxite, and Malaysia seems to have turned the situation," the analyst said. And my company's current bauxite ore dressing investment in Malaysia, will be conducive to the rapid development of our company's import and export business.
Geographical advantages:
Our current main partner supplier mainly concentrated in Malaysia Kuantan area and the area, located in the eastern part of Malaysia is hot development area new bauxite. Relatively perfect road construction in Malaysia. The main road is paved road, Kuantan area bauxite mine almost adjacent to national highway, need to self built mine road is generally not too long greatly reduces the initial investment costs, the ideal mineral resources director Johnny Wong told Reuters said, the company in a few months ago opened a new mines. Wong said the mine daily output of about 4000 tons, plans in the first quarter of next year, the first quarter of the year when the rain weakened, the daily output increased to 10000 tons. "All the bauxite produced in china. Not only are we, but all the bauxite produced Kuantan area, "he said. He also said that a number of China Company have recently started business, both the mining business, but also from the region's mining operations. Analysts said Malaysia's rich mineral resources in the future to fill the huge gap in China's bauxite, the second half of this year may still face the situation in short supply.
Cooperative advantage:

With the shortage of domestic plants growing production demand and supply of raw materials continue to drive up the price in the international market, Malaysia bauxite from 2014 may start officially entered the mainstream in China Aluminum bauxite Market. And our bauxite a major buyer of Henan Sheng Xiang Industrial Co., Ltd., Shandong Lubei Chemical Co., Ltd. and other large high-tech industry group cooperation. And they are the main force of China's imports of bauxite in 2014.

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